ChocoAlmonds - Have you tried them?

Chocoalmonds logo with 25% off

Have you ever sat down and finally watched a movie that you had been avoiding? Only to discover that is was great. This is how I was with the ChocoAlmonds. When I first started working here at Kimmie Candy Company I noticed the ChocoRocks and Sunbursts were the all out favorites for most everyone. The ChocoAlmonds were popular but didn't have the fan base of other products. I assumed they were inferior. Boy was I wrong. Now that I'm a fan, I've been giving samples to everyone I know. So far, no one has tried them without loving them. Besides being delicious, they are classy enough for formal occassions. We have people buying Choco Almonds to match their wedding, or shower colors. Some use them for school parties, matching their school colors. Others don't care what they look like, they just love the taste (like me). Wherever you might sit on the spectrum, you gotta give them a try.

We are having a sale on them for the next two months at our online shop. 25% off all almond products, and of course we have a large array of colors, individual and holiday. Or, if you're in Reno some time, swing by our gift shop.