"ChocoRocks satisfied the chocolate craving for our unit during their entire deployment."

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We received a pleasant note from a happy customer who found a practical use for ChocoRocks and gave several of our serving military men and women a nice taste of home. Thanks for the kind words Angie, and especially thanks to our brave soldiers for all you do.

To CEO of Kimmie Candy,

A couple of years ago I bought some choco rocks at the Winco store in Vacaville CA. My shopping bags tipped over on the ride home, scattering my groceries all over the back of my car.  I gathered my items and took them inside but missed the bag of rocks.  I found them 2 days later--105 degrees, in a locked car parked in the sun--still intact.  I sent rocks to my Air Force daughters at tech school at Lackland Air Force Base TX . No melting!!

The next step was sending baggies of rocks in care packages to Iraq. All other chocolate products--even power bars--ended up as a nasty brown soup.

One of my co-workers had a Marine brother in Iraq last year and I adopted the entire unit. Weekly boxes of goodies and always a bag of rocks in each box.  The Marine wanted to personally thank me when he returned home, but confided in his brother that he thought I was a bit odd because I kept sending bags of aquarium rocks.  "They're pretty, but we don't need rocks, so we just tossed 'em".  I presented him with a fishbowl filled with "choco rocks" at our meeting.  One taste and his face lit up. He was happily munching when his expression suddenly changed. "My guys are gonna kill me when they find out we were throwing this good stuff away all summer!!!".  PRICELESS.

Now I include a little note with the bags of Choco Rocks when I send  care packages to the troops. They love them and I buy it by the case at Winco. Many deployed Marines, Soldiers and Airmen are already enjoying them again this summer, and next month a battalion of local Army National Guard soldiers will deploy to Iraq.  I will provide each of them with a small baggie of rocks as they wait to board the plane to the sandbox.

Thanks for making a tasty, fun product that puts a smile on the faces of my beloved warriors. Angie-Vacaville, CA

[Edit - July 2011]

Another story about the rocks--

Last Saturday I was invited to a formal promotion ceremony by General Currier. The main "Rock distributor" in Iraq was promoted to Sergeant Major, the highest NCO rank. This is not an event that involves gifts.

However, after being greeted and hugged by my troops, the man of the hour whispered in my ear "Did you bring rocks?" Yes I did. Big glass cookie jar full of them!

Joe, my Soldiers still see the rocks as a symbol of fun,comfort and love from home.

Angie Lindberg