Joe Dutra Grape Stomp Extraordinaire!

Kimmie Candy's President/CEO rolled up his sleeves and pant legs this past weekend for the 32nd Annual Eldorado Great Italian Festival: GRAPE STOMP!

This was his first time stomping grapes and he ended up in 2nd place! He was challenged by his personal trainer and sponsoered BEE Fit Team owner Bryan & his son Joey Ediem, and decided he would give Bryan who is the raining 8 year champ, a run for his money.

Joe states, "Bryan convinced me it would be  a good workout and fun. So I stomped, you know he is my  personal trainer so a few grape skins under the toenails must be good for you right ? "

How the contest works is, you stand in a wooden wine barrel filled with 20 lbs of wine grapes grown by the local owners of the Eldorado Casino. You get 3 mins to stomp and try to get as much grape juice as you can to flow from the plastic pipe at the bottom of the barrel into a plastic jug. Each contestent is required to have a mucker who quickly cleans the seeds and grape skins so the juice known as the "muck" so it can flow into the plastic jug. Joe says he had a few secrets that helped him along the way, but will keep those to himself for next year!

Bryan Ediem ended up winning with a total of 8.7 lbs of juice stomped and Joe was in 2nd place with a total of 4.7 lbs! Here they are- Bryan, Joey, and Joe:

joe holding trophy

Maybe Joe can take note from the famous Lucy and take 1st place next year! 

i love lucy grape stomp

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