Kettle Corn Nuggets in Food Processing magazine

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The Feb 2011 issue of Food Processing magazine highlights Kettle Corn Nuggets in a feature titled: "Corn Nuggets Surprise, Delight". The article offers some insightful opinions of the product from 7th graders.

An excerpt:

Kadya Chavkin, 7th Grade

The taste is impressive. It's like an M&M but better. I've tried Pretzel M&M's and they were too salty. These are salty, but not so much that you choke and need water. The aftertaste stays for a long time, which is a good thing. The texture is not smooth or crunchy, but a mix of both. The smell is sickly, but not powerful enough to make you gag unless you stick it up your nose. Anyone, even chocolate haters, would eat them. I would buy it. One thing, however, Kettle Corn Nuggets Salted is a terrible name. Please change it!

Great feedback Kadya, and we're glad you liked them. You are among the demographic we aim to impress.