New Year, New Candy!

Happy New Year Kimmie Candy fans!

Just last month we finalized our labels for our new candy, DateMe's! (picture at the bottom) They are delicious pieces of dates coated with our special blend of chocolate, topped with candy shell!

How did we come up with the DateMe's  one might ask, well working at a candy company gives you plenty opportunity for creative thoughts...chocolate covered _______ fill in the blank. The trick is, it needs to be gluten free, peanut free, and kosher dairy.  We finally came up with a chocolate covered date from Shields Date Garden in Indio, California!

The naming of a product is even trickier though, you want something catchy, that explains the candy, and that is not trademarked already.  Can you say difficult??  But just as Kimmie Candy got it's name, Joe our Kimmie Candy President/CEO turned to a social setting to decide a candies name. Sitting on a beach in Maui with some of his best friends & wife eating the new candy, everyone trying to think how you could get someone to try the new candy and the light bulb went off, Date Me...DateMe's! And the question became "Do you want to DateMe?"

He then called into the office to share his wonderful idea and of course we all thought it was cute, catchy,  & fun!             And that is how DateMe's became the newest member of the Kimmie Candy family :)

Dateme's 3oz tube 24t case

DateMe's - candy coated, chocolate covered pieces of dates!