Playing catch up at Kimmie Candy

Good morning Kimmie Candy Fans!

As our last post mentioned it has been a busy time of year here at Kimmie Candy Company which is great for business but bad for our social media fans.

Here is a little run down of what has been happening, we are launching 3 new products by the end of the year and they are so new I can not tell you what they are but chocolate covered deliciousness! We will keep our fans posted as they become available so please keep you eye out, trust me they are GOOOOOOOD!

Our Joe is leaving for Mexico with Governor Sandoval for another trade mission this month and we can not wait to see what news he comes back with! And of course we will have pictures upon his arrival.

We are continuing to run our monthly specials on our retail website so make sure to check us out each month:

As always, we are here for our fans so please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or comments: 775-284-9200 or

"Have a ChocoRockin' Day"