Sugar Reform Act/Farm Bill 2012

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Please check out our newest press release regarding Senator Heller's visit to Kimmie Candy regarding the Sugar Reform Act.


Press Release: Senator Heller visits Kimmie Candy

Kimmie Candy has had a full house lately from the recent tour from Congressman Amodei, to Senator Reid’s respective staff members and now Senator Dean Heller.

 Joseph Dutra, President & CEO of Kimmie Candy Company, extended an invitation to all of his state and local lawmakers to tour Kimmie Candy Company- The Biggest Little Candy Company In The World to talk about the Farm Bill and the Sugar Reform Act and how it effects Nevada food manufacturers.

He was intrigued to find that both the Congressman and the Senator did not know much about the Sugar Reform Act/Farm Bill 2012, which affects all candy manufacturers and food companies whose use sugar in their products in the USA. Nevada of course does not grow sugar beets but it’s representatives vote on the bills.

The Sugar Reform Act artificially keeps the price of sugar high in the USA,  as the world price of sugar is significantly lower. This causes an unfair playing ground for American companies to compete with imports and sales outside the US and with other North American countries. Joe stated the pricing advantage that companies manufacturing confections or bakery goods in countries outside the USA are receiving much lower world sugar pricing, at $0.19/lb while American companies are left paying on average $0.50/lb + and this allows them to compete on an uneven playing field against American manufactures like Kimmie Candy and other US based food manufactures creating American job.

Photo gallery Joseph Dutra, Senator Dean Heller, and John Dutra take a tour of Kimmie Candy

joe and dean heller

joe and dean heller 2

joe john and dean heller