Sunbursts mentioned in Backpacker Magazine

An old article excerpt from Backpacker magazine (the magazine of wilderness travel) from back in 2002. It makes a valid point about Sunbursts being a good outdoor companion. Its like the parts of trail mix that you devoured first.

"Forty some years ago, a genius in Tacoma, Washington, poured chocolate over peanuts and sealed all the crunchy, sweet taste inside a hardy candy shell. Ever since, backpackers have been enjoying peanut M&Ms. The sad part of this story is that nearly 3 million Americans are allergic to nuts. Now, happy days are here in the form of Sunbursts, candy-coated, chocolate covered sunflower kernels. A handful of Sunbursts delivers a nutty taste mixed with a chocolate and candy zing that nearly overpowers the mouth with sweetness. Just make sure you pack enough - a 1.3-ounce package of these tiny nuggets ($.59) is a little more than a handful. A 4.25 ounce bag is also available for $1.19.
Contact: Kimmie Candy Co., (888) 532-1325; Reader service #112.
April '02 Issue"