Sunbursts mentioned in Sugar Pressure blog

Mark Dobie moderates the blog As an aficionado of candy we consider his opinion to be substantial and in this case flattering. His review of the Habanero Kettle Corn Nuggets is a worthy read for whoever feels the inclination to follow his link. Here is his review of Sunbursts in its entirety sans the great photos he posts.

After reviewing the Habanero Kettle Corn Nuggets that the Kimmie Candy Company sent me, I moved on to their Sunbursts candy. In the past few years, it seems that chocolate covered sunflower seeds have begun to show up in nearly every gas station or truck stop. I've seen several companies that make a similar candy to Kimmie's Sunbursts, but I like the colors of Kimmie's best. Often, the candy coating on this type of candy is in shades of "fall"...muted and brown with some green and red.  To me, those colors aren't very appetizing.  But here, I like both the color scheme and the name; Sunbursts makes you think of sunflower seeds and the colors of this candy "BURST" out at you.

When I mentioned this product to friends, a lot of them asked me why someone would cover sunflowers seeds with candy coating and chocolate. I'd always answer the same...that someone in the past probably said that about peanuts, but look how popular peanut M&Ms are now. The candy coating on this candy is great, the chocolate is tasty and I love sunflower seeds, so that nutty sunflower flavor is fantastic. I liked the corn nuggets but wasn't addicted to them. I was very addicted to this candy!  But, even with a serving size of half a tube, I couldn't eat that many in a row. I like these as an alternative to peanut M&Ms. Sunflower seeds always remind me of summer and that's something I love thinking about with winter almost over in the snowy tundra that is the Midwest. I'm also telling myself that these are good for me because they contain sunflower seeds, I'm sure there's some science out there that can back up my claim, right?

Everyone in our family really enjoyed these. (This is the first candy I've let our one year old taste.  He couldn't get enough of them and they were a super size for him.)  I love the colors, the container and the taste.  This candy has me wondering how cashews would taste covered in chocolate, then covered in candy coating.  I can't think of a product like that...maybe Kimmie could do that next!
Taste: 4/5 Really Liked It