'Tis the season for giving!

A few weeks ago we received a heartfelt thank you letter from Betty Black, who was writing  from TERRACE RIDGE ASSISTED LIVING in Gastonia, North Carolina. She wrote to us because her son and family had sent her our delicious ChocoRocks as care package and she wanted to let our Joe know how much she enjoyed them and how wonderfully made they were. She had taken the time to write to us and praise our candy so Joe wanted to send her and the whole assited living community our ChocoRocks for all to enjoy!

She promptly wrote us another heartfelt thank you letter with a little bit of a background on her story and how thankful she was to have this candy, she felt like Joe was Santa and Christmas had arrived early! She could not wait to think of a grand idea of how to distribute these chocolate presents to her community within Terrace Ridge.

This warmed our hearts and we wanted to share with you her thank you letter and a symbol of the state she is coming from.

It goes to show you a little goes a long way and no good deed goes without appreciation. This holiday season take the time to look around and notice the blessings we all have in our lives and how we can help to spread those blessings from coast to coast. Please feel free to share with us your stories and how our candy has helped bring smilies to your loved ones around the country. Candy translates into every language and while it may be a sweet treat it can also make someones day/month/year!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thank our fans for sticking by us and look forward to the stories you share! Gobble Gobble! :)


Betty Black's letter