What's New @ Kimmie Candy Company Spring 2015 Edition

1) “Introducing… Joma Organics!”
joma organics logo

Joma Organics is our new, certified organic confectionery manufacturing facility located in Reno on Double Diamond Parkway. We resolved to move forward with this new organic facility after looking at the clear trend that showed the future is full of consumers wanting more variety and excellence in their choices in the organic and natural product market. This market has been distinguishing itself by growing faster than the traditional confectionery market and we believe it will be a substantial market in the future.

organic joma jews dark chocolate 

Coinciding with the launch of this facility, we are launching our Organic Dark and Milk Chocolate Joma Jewels. These are an organic version of a lentil, known better to consumers as a product similar to an M&M. While we are super excited about their great taste, we are also taking a cue from our Kimmie Candy customers’ favorites to make an Organic Milk Chocolate ChocoRock, as well as, an Xpressos Rock.

As we look to what’s next, we envision a time when we will outgrow this new organic manufacturing facility. At that point, Kimmie Candy Company would potentially move into a larger facility and Joma would move into the existing Kimmie Candy factory.

For now, it's a very exciting time. The launch of the new Joma products means new packaging; and of course, we like to keep things interesting, so we have several new products in development for this organic facility that will be launched in the months to come. joma organic chocorocks       organic coffeerocks

2) “And the 2015 Nominees are..”

most innovative new product award 

chocorocks salted caramel bulk spill with black box peppermint chocorocks giftbag

Salted Caramel ChocoRocks and Peppermint ChocoRocks
Our 2 Nominees for Innovative Product of the Year


3) “Food Factory in the house!”

food factory logo

Canadian Food Network show Food Factory filmed a second episode at Kimmie Candy Company recently. While the first episode had focused on how ChocoRocks are created, Food Factory returned to film a segment focusing their attention on our candy coated chocolatey sunflower kernel product called Sunbursts. We have just reviewed the initial cut of the episode and returned our input for a few small edits. Most likely this episode will air during the summertime of 2015 and periodically throughout the end of this year and 2016. We have a great time with the whole process and enjoy showing the world how the most beloved Kimmie Candy Company products are made!

sunbursts logo with spill image round logo

4)” Anything else on the horizon at Kimmie?”

stick figure person holding blow horn with what's new below

In addition to a variety of new, delicious products in the works, there are fun mixes of existing Kimmie favorites that we have been playing around with. We are looking at adding an additional storage building to our facility to increase our packaging capacity.

We are now in Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Ross, and will soon be in Cracker Barrel restaurants across United States! We have exported our first shipment of candy to Dubai and are also in the formative stages of great projects in the UK and South America.

And finally, a reminder..

5) “We love what we do!”

We do love what we do, as well as, our customers and our peers in the candy industry! This coming week we are headed to SWEETS AND SNACKS EXPO 2015 where we will see many of them!

sweets and snacks infographic

This expo is the candy & snacks industry's most successful, world class event and the only show that represents all of the major U.S. distribution channels of confectionery and snack products in one location. More than 3 1/2 acres of candy & snack items in 1 place! More than 650 manufacturers of chocolate, candy, gum, salty snacks, cookies, packaged cakes, biscuits, popcorn, granola bars, breakfast snacks, nutrition bars, meat snacks, fruit snacks, nuts, seeds, packaged goods and ice cream. Attendees include more than 16,000 industry professionals including buyers and buying teams, merchandisers, wholesalers, category managers, store owners and executives, importers, exporters, suppliers and brokers.