What are your allergens?

  • Tree Nuts (Almonds and Pistachios)
  • Milk
  • Soy

Does your facility get audited for food safety?

  • Yes, we are audited by Silliker. They are an independent body, internationally accredited provider of food safety. They audit our facility to verify we are in compliance with current regulation and industry practices through program reviews and on-site observation.

Is your facility FDA registered?

  • Yes.

Is your facility Kosher Certified?

  • Yes, we are certified through OK Kosher.

What is the difference between a peanut and a tree nut?

  • Peanuts are in the legume family, thus they grow in the ground. Tree nuts grow on trees. For more info you can read up on it here.

Do you use dairy?

  • Yes, we use a variety of milk containing products.

Do you sell in other countries?

  • Yes we do! Feel free to check out which other companies we sell to that may also sell internationally.

Do you do Private Label?

How many Sunbursts® are in 1 lb.?

  • You’ll be surprised! There are about 165 per ounce, so that makes 2,640 per Pound! Since some sunflower seeds may be larger or smaller than others, so this is a close estimation.

How many ChocoRocks® are in 1 lb.?

  • Great question! There are about 75 pieces per ounce, so that makes 1,200 per pound!

How many boulders in 1 lb.?

  • Roughly 9, however, depending on how the boulders crumble, there could be more OR less. But you'll get your 1 lb. either way!

What makes your natural line natural?

  • We use natural milk or dark chocolate as well as natural colorants.

How many pounds of candy do you make in a year?

  • We make 2,000,000 lbs. of candy per year! That's equal to 182 African Elephants, or 25 Semi Trucks!

What is Moringa?

  • It's what we call, The Tree of Life! Moringa has more nutrition in the leaf than any other plant known today. Gram-per-gram, it has more calcium than Milk, more Vitamin C than an Orange!