In 2000, Joe Dutra, a third generation farmer, established Kimmie Candy based on a farm in his hometown of Sacramento, California. By 2003, Kimmie Candy was on its way, with its ChocoRocks winning a prestigious "Product of the Year" award at the annual Candy Grammys held in Long Beach, California.

With the goal of creating more American jobs, in 2005 Joe Dutra relocated himself and the previously-offshore Korean manufacturing operation to Reno, Nevada. By 2007, he had purchased an industrial building and converted it to what is now Kimmie Candy's state-of-the art candy production facility. By 2008, Kimmie Candy Company of Reno was in full operation. By 2009, the Company had experienced international expansion with not only coast-to-coast sales in the United States but also Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, South America, and the Middle East.

Today, Kimmie Candy proudly states, "Made in America" on every package. Since opening the Reno factory in 2007, the Company has grown from 7 to 30+ employees. Even during the challenging economic times, Kimmie Candy still grew and added jobs, Joe Dutra remains determined to continue creating jobs and opportunity in the USA, so that like him, others can also know The American Dream.